I started my studies in mosaics in Finland with the French mosaic artist Virginie Loÿ. I continued to take courses in England with the internationally widely known and admired mosaic artist Emma Biggs as well in the Mosaic Workshop in London as in West Dean College. In West Dean College I have completed my studies with a couse by the American mosaic artist, Sonia King. In Italy, I have taken the Orsoni's master course in Venice and a course in traditional Byzantine and Roman mosaic techniques in Ravenna. In Finland I have studied mosaic icon technique by the Russian mosaic artist Yurij Yarin. My background as amateur - and also for five years time professional - ceramist and my interest in stained glass work support the creation of mosaics. I have studied mosaic work by side of my fulltime work - my main working experience is from system work and programming within banking and from university administration.

Curriculum Vitae